World Water Day

The United Nations' (UN) World Water Day is held on March 22 each year. Events are organized on or around this day to increase people's awareness of water's importance in environment, agriculture, health and trade.

Our Advocacy: Sustainable Environment

Polomolok Water District embarked on a Watershed Rehabilitation Program as the main component of its Corporate Social Responsibility, to help preserve and reforest a portion of Mt. Matutum. A sustainable environment is the best legacy we can give to our children and children's children.

Patubig sa Eskwela

Part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, every year the Pol. WD initiated the Patubig sa Eskwela to public schools of Polomolok

Welcome to Polomolok Water District Website! Every Drop Counts! - Report Leaks & Illegal Connections. Call WD Hotline No. 169; 500-9400; 09179425459. We have 24/7 maintenance monitoring.

Polomolok Water District is a Government Owned Controlled Corporation (GOCC) founded in 1980 and is continuously serving the populace of Polomolok. It envisions to be the most cost – efficient, customer- focused and environment friendly water service provider in the country. In the realization of its vision, Polomolok Water District commits to provide quality water 24/7 to its customers, rehabilitate, develop & protect watershed, optimize its available resources, adopt cost-efficient operation, continuously improve and expand its services, train & develop competent, committed and motivated employees, institute programs on wastewater management, vigorously pursue NRW reduction program and ensure excellent service that exceeds customer satisfaction. Polomolok Water District gives PROACTIVE SERVICES.